Program Components - Clinical Support Group

How does the EmpowereD Girls Collective's Clinical Support Group component address the unique experiences and challenges of children living with Dyslexia?


The Clinical Support Group, which is offered weekly as part of the EmpowereD Girls Collective, uses a combination of evidence-based intervention models; to both treat the early shame experience & teach core skills for living an empowered life with the disability of Dyslexia.   

As the Clinical Curriculum is developed it will be made available for other Social Workers/Therapists/Clinicians to access, if they should feel called to build their own collective. This curriculum will be provided free of charge. 

The information is designed to be shared through-out our community and contribute to reducing the stigma experienced by children & families living with Specific Learning Disabilities.  Online & Local Support Groups for Families of Dyslexic Children often contain parents, loved-ones, extended family & care-givers who are Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Paraprofessionals, Teachers, Advocates, Case Managers, Lawyers, Home-schooling Moms & Dads [and grandparents, too!] Community Organizers, Tutors & a diverse variety of other professionals who, together, have the capacity to create their own collectives - addressing at a grass-roots level the significant lack of services for children with Specific Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia. 


EmpowereD Girls Collective's Evidence-Based Intervention – 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT] – Skill Development Includes: Automatic-Thought Reframing, Checking for Evidence, Understanding Cognitive Distortions, Identifying Limiting Beliefs  

Schema Therapy – Identifying Early Maladaptive Schemas [Young, 2003] 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy [DBT] – Skill Development Includes: F.A.S.T Acronym, Radical Acceptance Practice  

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction [MBSR]

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy [ACT] 

Coping Cat Curriculum [CBT] 


Core Skills taught by the EmpowereD Girls Collective –  

Emotion Identification, Somatic Experiencing  


Self-acceptance & Self-confidence 

Passion Exploration & Development  


Mindfulness Techniques, Basic Meditation Practices 

Coping Skills for Anxiety & Stress 

Recognizing Negative Thought Patterns  & Reframing 

Navigating Assistive Technology