EmpowereD Girls Collective 2022

What does the EGC offer members?

The EmpowereD Girls Collective offers a unique intervention model designed to provide members: 

1. Weekly Virtual Clinical Support Groups - EmpowereD Girls currently meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm EST via Zoom 

2. Monthly Connection Groups - EmpowereD Girls & their Grownups gather at community locations to explore member's passions & talents together as a community. EmpowereD Girls work together to plan these events and negotiate reduced rates/discounts with providers to foster independence, executive functioning skills, assertive communication, self-reliance, confidence, self-advocacy and team-work.  

3. Routine data monitoring using the Coopersmith Social-Emotional Inventory & Hare Self-Esteem Scale. Pre-& Post Assessments geared towards establishing that the best intervention for children with Dyslexia combines literacy/phonetic remediation & psychotherapy targeting shame and the development of self-advocacy and self-esteem skills.  

4. Book Club - Unique opportunity to develop a love of [ear & eye] reading, story-telling, imagination utilization & learning, designed for youngsters diagnosed with Specific Learning Disability/Dyslexia.  

5. Opportunities for Peer & Adult Mentoring.  

6. Opportunities to pilot various Assistive Technology & Application Based Intervention Programs.  

7. Caregiver Psychoeducation & Supplemental Caregiver Support Groups via Zoom. 

8.  Opportunities to attend Advocacy Events related to Special Education Legislation in Connecticut. 


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